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Foreigners have also rights.
About us

About us

Law Office Lex Lider has been created in order to help in a full range, professionally and in a complex way foreigners to solve their problems and reach the goals they have indicated due to their entry and stay on the territory of Republic of Poland.

The quality determinant of provided services is a level of each Client’s satisfaction. Therefore - taking care of the highest quality – we treat every case individually analyzing thoroughly the problem and estimating realistically the chances of achieving the intended objectives.

We are aware of the fact that foreigners willing to enter into Poland, take up a job and even to live in our country, require particular care and attendance in the field of valid law and the necessity of taking advantage of great number of dynamically amended regulations concerning the legal aspect of entering, staying and working on the area of Poland.

Due to the reasons mentioned above as well as in order to meet the needs and expectations of our Clients, we have created the team of lawyers - profoundly educated and having vast experiences – to represent with full engagement and determination, in a reliable, dynamic and efficient way the interests of our Clients.